Photo shooting for the new web site of Kimbo, the Neapolitan company that since 50 years interprets and brings into the world the tradition of the best Italian coffee.
The site is functional and innovative in its approach to technology and provides surfers an easy user experience, brilliant and great emotional impact.
But the most distinctive characteristics of the site is not in the technology as in the originality of its concept, which presents The company through a gallery of company’s people : those that express the passion, the skill, the ability to combine the past with the future.

Photographer: Maxime Alexandre
Agency: Serviceplan
Client: Café do Brasil

Schermata 01-2456560 alle 15.54.32

Schermata 02-2456560 alle 15.55.50

Schermata 03-2456560 alle 15.56.38

Schermata 04-2456560 alle 15.57.25